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Meet Your Personal Power Symbol
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What is a Personal Power Symbol?
It’s Your Unique Energy Vibration Manifested
as a Stunning Sacred Geometric Design

From the day I received my beautiful power symbol I have experienced extraordinary flow both personally and in my business. Magic happens when I wear it. I can't explain how or why - it just works! I highly recommend you get yours today.

Julie Lewin

What’s Does Your Personal
Power Symbol Mean?
It Reveals The Life Path Your Higher Self
has Chosen To Express During this

I wanna say thanks for my Personal Power Symbol. It really makes me feel special when I wear it. People always ask what it is and I love talking about it. I have learned a lot already about my True Self so it’s very cool.

Sheenah Lozada

What Does Your Power
Symbol Do?
As a meditation tool, it changes limiting
belief patterns.
As a charm or talisman, it attracts and
discharges subconscious energy.
As a magnificent art piece, it looks stunning
and attracts the interest of like-minded

Understanding the power of my subconscious mind has been the most important aspect in creating my business success. I love the message and power of my Personal Power Symbol.

Andrew Grant

Why Does It Work?
Your Personal Power Symbol works because
symbols speak directly to subconscious mind
where negative patterns exist

I have a gold Power Symbol. I literally felt an amazing energy the moment I first put it on. Absolutely love it.

Howard Otten

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